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Conference Program

The program for ISAZ 2022: Anthrozoology in Translation is live! If you registered for the conference, you should receive an email soon directing you to visit Oxford Abstracts for the interactive program.

In the meantime, browse this PDF program. And if you haven't registered...what are you waiting for?

Join Us Next Week!

Click here to register now!

Will there be workshops?

Yes! As in previous years, we are also excited to offer a series of preconference workshops, as well as an Affective Café after the conference, facilitated by Prof. Samantha Hurn and the team at EASE. Click here to learn more about the workshop options, dates and times, and for registration details.

Thursday, July 7th (all times EDT)

10:00 - Conference Opens

10:30 - Keynote: Alexandra Horowitz, MA, PhD

11:45 - Symposium: Ecological momentary assessment (EMA) as a tool for assessing human-animal

                 interaction across contexts

15:00 - Conference "Speed Dating"

15:30 - Symposium: Advances in research methodology and practical utility of Equine Assisted

            Therapies for youth

17:30 - Anthrozoology in Japan & Australia

17:30 - Student Mixer

Friday, July 8th (all times EDT)

9:00 - ISAZ 2023 Planning Discussion

10:00 - Keynote: Iván Sandoval-Cervantes, MSc, PhD

13:00 - Lunch with the ISAZ Fellows

14:00 - Poster Session Q&A

15:30 - Keynote: Suzanne Asha Stone, MSc

Saturday, July 9th (all times EDT)

9:00 - OnDemand Q&A

10:00 - Annual General Meeting

11:00 - Keynote: Michelle Rodrigues, MSc, PhD   

12:15 - President's Address

12:30 - Early Career Award Presentation

13:30 - Emerging Trends & Research Highlighted Talks

15:15 - Symposium: Virtual Canine Comfort: Considerations and Findings Across Virtual

            Canine-Assisted Interventions

17:00 - Awards Ceremony and Conference Closing

Conference Format

Oxford Abstracts & Creature Conferences

Oxford Abstracts will again host our conference, and Creature Conferences management will again provide our livestream support. We hope this consistency from the last two years inspires confidence in our conference programming. We are also in the process of organizing some terrific Zoom opportunities for socializing and networking, as well as to encourage those “hallway” conversations we often lose in the virtual environment.

Again, we appreciate your feedback. More details will follow as we move forward with our adjusted plans. Please email if you have any questions.

Take care,

ISAZ 2022 Host Committee and ISAZ President

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