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Join ISAZ in Scotland

The International Society for Anthrozoology (ISAZ) would like to invite you to the 2023 conference to be held in Edinburgh, Scotland on June 15 - 18, 2023, hosted by the University of Edinburgh.


ISAZ was formed in 1991 as a supportive organization for the scientific and scholarly study of human-animal interactions. ISAZ is a non-profit, non-political organization with a worldwide, multi-disciplinary membership of students, scholars and interested professionals. We are excited to welcome scholars and members of the public around the world to our event!

Conference Theme

The theme for ISAZ 2023 is Anthrozoology: The Spectrum of Human-Animal Interactions and Relationships.” Anthrozoology is the study of interactions and relationships between human and non-human animals and is inter-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary. To represent this diversity the theme of this conference will draw on the spectrum of interactions between humans and non-human animals from:

  • Positive to negative;

  • Human directed to non-human animal directed; and

  • Within the human environment to the wilderness of nature.

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Who Should Attend?

Each year, the ISAZ conference welcomes a range of researchers, practitioners, and students from a wide variety of disciplines and perspectives including psychologists, anthropologists, ethologists, medical professionals, animal and veterinary science, public policy, law, philosophy, arts and humanities. We aim to encourage a broad discussion of the research on the many ways our lives intersect with, and impact, other species.

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