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Keynote: Prof. Hannah M. Buchanan- Smith, PhD

Interactions with our closest living relatives

Prof. Buchanan-Smith's ISAZ 2023 keynote talk will integrate findings from her research across a range of different settings where we interact with animals: in nature, in zoos, laboratories and in our homes, with a focus on our closest living relatives, the primates.

H BuchananSmith.jpg

Professor Hannah M. Buchanan-Smith established the Behaviour and Evolution Research Group in Psychology at the University of Stirling in Scotland, where she has been working for over 30 years.


Given that humans are an inevitable part of the lives of all captive animals, she has been studying the human-animal relationship, and its impact on both human and animal behaviour and wellbeing. She has studied animals in laboratories, zoos and animal shelters, and draws on her field work of South American primates in their natural habitats.


Prof. Buchanan-Smith uses a multidisciplinary approach to animal welfare assessment, and actively tries to find practical ways to put research findings into practice. She has held positions on U.K. government committees, formerly the Animal Procedures Committee, and currently the Zoos Expert Committee.


Prof. Buchanan-Smith has published over 120 research articles, contributed to international guidelines and policy promoting good welfare for captive animals, as well as open access websites such as


Prof. Buchanan-Smith was recently awarded the Primate Society of Great Britain’s Osman Hill memorial medal for her contributions to animal welfare.


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