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Host Committee
Photo of Dr. Shelly Volsche, host.
Photo of Nikki Bennett, host.

Dr. Shelly Volsche
Clinical Associate Professor

Boise State University
Boise, ID

Boise State University is a research and doctoral granting institution at the forefront of higher education innovation. The university focuses on transformative scholarship designed to fill the jobs of tomorrow with the students of today. Because of our high population of first-generation students and scholars, we are also deeply embedded in a culture of support and growth. The Department of Anthropology at Boise State University offers bachelor’s and master’s degrees and professional certifications where students pursue original research in archaeology, biological anthropology, and human behavioral ecology. Many of the faculty also advise doctoral students in the multidisciplinary Ecology, Evolution, and Behavior program. These programs incorporates anthrozoological frameworks in related courses such as Evolution & Human Behavior, Anthropology of Animals, and a Behavior Observation Field School. As part of the university’s growing appreciation for interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary scholarship, a School of the Environment is currently in development. Drawing from natural and physical sciences, humanities, and social sciences, this school will offer students many pathways to careers directly or tangentially related to the concepts of anthrozoology. Likewise, the university is home to many unique programs such as the only Master of Science in Raptor Biology in the United States, supported by the Raptor Research Center and directly connected to the Snake River Birds of Prey Natural Area.

ISAZ President

Dr. Patricia Pendry
Washington State University
Pullman, WA

Nikki Bennett
Doctoral Student
University of Nevada, Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

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Administrative Support

Ms. Abbey Thigpen
Administrative Manager
International Society for Anthrozoology

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Dr. Shelly Volsche

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