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Navigating the Job Market, Obtaining Funding, and Networking - A Workshop for Students, Postdoctoral Fellows, and Early Career Researchers in Anthrozoology

June 21, 2021

9am EDT (1pm UTC)

Half day

Free for ISAZ student members and conference registrants

Organizer: Kerri Rodriguez (

The field of anthrozoology has experienced an increase in graduate and career opportunities in recent decades. However, due to the interdisciplinary and disparate nature of our field, it can be difficult to find graduate and career opportunities, obtain salary and research funding, and network with others in the field.


This workshop will inform attendees about the broad range of academic and non-academic anthrozoology career pathways available, discuss current challenges navigating the anthrozoology job market, educate individuals about funding opportunities, and provide a platform in which individuals can connect with others at similar stages of their careers.

Working and planning in uncertain times

June 21, 2021

2pm EDT (6pm UTC)

Half day 

Free for conference registrants

Organizer: Maureen A. MacNamara (

We are living in an increasingly complex world and the pandemic has cast a powerful light on the inextricable link between people and animals in ways both negative and positive. Defining the future of human animal relationships in the 21st century will be critical for building animal-centric policies and projects that make space for animals. 

The purpose of this workshop is to formally introduce “futures thinking” to people working in the sphere of anthrozoology and challenge us to think more systematically about the future for people and animals, as well as how systems and culture change will impact those relationships. In addition to explaining the basic concepts of futures thinking, this workshop will help attendees recognize how to strengthen their ability to “anticipate” and imagine in new ways to understand, map, and prioritize the factors affecting modern societies’ views and treatment of nonhuman animals.

Let’s talk about AAI terminologies: Consensus and collaboration in research, practice and education

June 25, 2021

10 am EDT (2pm UTC)

Full day 

Free for conference registrants

Organizers: Melissa Winkle (, Marie-Jose Enders-Slegers (, Amy Johnson (, Jo-Ann Fowler (

There is a history for a call for consistency in terminology related to theoretical foundations in animal assisted interventions (AAI). Among the different categories of animal assisted intervention, including animal assisted activities (AAA), education (AAE), therapy (AAT), coaching (AAC) and other categories lies much confusion.

In this workshop, we will consider current terminologies in animal-assisted interventions and how some of the differences in use and understanding impact research, practice and education. We encourage experienced practitioners, researchers, educators, program administrators to join us for a lively discussion and be part of a global, collaborative effort to establish consensus around AAI terminology and education.

Workshops are organized by ISAZ members to run in conjunction with the conference. The content, structure, and organization of workshops is the sole purview of the organizers and does not reflect the views of ISAZ or the conference organizers. Questions about workshops should be directed to the workshop organizers, at the emails listed above. 

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